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Say goodbye to cash flow constraints and hello to growth opportunities with Black Diamond Funding. As a partner for Mold Assessors and Leak Detection professionals, we offer upfront funding to empower your business with reliable cash flow solutions. 

Get paid every Friday and never worry about waiting for insurance companies to pay for your services again. Contact us today and unlock your business potential with Black Diamond Funding.


Black Diamond Funding

Black Diamond Funding is a company that provides cash flow solutions to mold assessment and leak detection businesses in need.

It works by purchasing the insurance claim invoices of select businesses at a set price. The process to obtain cash flow is simple and straightforward.

The process to obtain cash flow from Black Diamond Funding is easy. First, select businesses will need to fill out a contact form on the Black Diamond Funding website. Once the form is submitted, a representative from the company will reach out to the business to discuss the details of how our service works and answer any questions.

The only risk you run by not partnering with Black Diamond Funding is the risk of having cash flow issues!

As businesses submit invoices for purchase, they get paid on a weekly basis, every Friday.

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