Diversify Your Investments

Investment Overview & Opportunity

Minimum Investment

$100,000 and a 2-year note


Option for renewal for principal repayment with 10% interest after term paid during month 25-36 from date of investment

Interest Rate

15% paid semi-annually

Security of Investments

Secured by all investment within our entire portfolio

Investment Assurance

Claims are paid by AAA-rated insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, etc.

Associated Risks

Potential loss factors

Why Should You Invest With Black Diamond Services?

Recession-Proof Industry

Insurance Carriers are unwilling to compensate their clients fairly, and we know Carriers aren’t going to grow a conscious overnight. Therefore, there will always be a need for our services. The weather never stops, and we don’t either.

We are Leaders and Innovators

Throughout our 12 years in business, our focus has been on elite customer services, maintaining a stellar reputation and consistently providing above-average returns for our investors. 

Not only are we one of the industry’s original legal finance companies, but we have taken the process and procedures we’ve learned through personal injury claims and have successfully translated those practices into a larger market: First-Party Property claims (homeowners’ policies).

Being Diverse in Your Investments

The investment opportunity you are being presented with is unique because it is not a public offering: This is a private investment opportunity (PPM). This investment is entirely uncorrelated with traditional markets and is not affected by their volatility. While traditional markets will fluctuate, your investment with Black Diamond will consistently payout a 15% return annually. 

*Payments to investors are distributed every six months at 7.5% annualized.

Executive Team

Keston Robinson
Founder & CEO

Daniel "Salt" Weekley
Founder & CFO

Contact Us

1300 Sawgrass Corporate Pwky #144 Sunrise FL 33323

[email protected]

844-352-2274 ext. 103

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