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Personal Injury Pre-Settlement Funding

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Direct Deposit to Your Bank Account: Streamlined
Pre-Settlement Funding Process

Unlock Financial Relief with Pre-Settlement Funding: Wondering if pre-settlement funding is the right choice for you? Our straightforward process starts when the plaintiff or attorney submits a funding application on behalf of the client. Black Diamond Pre-Settlement Funding then performs a case evaluation to determine eligibility. Upon approval, funds are directly deposited into the plaintiff's bank account, offering much-needed financial support during your legal journey.

Pre-Settlement Service FAQs

No, your contract can be signed electronically via DocuSign

It all depends on when we get paid from your attorney’s office.

If it takes 0-3 months to us to receive payment, the interest is 25%

If it takes 3-6 months for us to receive payment, the interest is 50%

If it takes 6-9 months for us to receive payment, the interest is75%

If it takes 9-12 months for us to receive payment, the interest is 100%

Interest does not increase after 100%

That is dependent on the amount you were funded.

At least 90-days from the first time you received funds.

If you were denied, your case did not meet the parameters set by our underwriting team.

Every case is different.

You can receive your funds via Western Union, wire transfer, ACH or check.

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