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ALE Reports During the Appraisal Process

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Additional Living Expense (ALE)/Loss of Use Reports

Maximize your effectiveness in the appraisal process through Black Diamond’s ALE Reports - Acting as placeholders/quotes during the appraisal process for ALE justification. Here’s the game-changer: ALE does not have to be incurred to account for it. We ensure you’re covered! We recommend to encourage your clients to sign an LOR (Letter of Representation) for ALE as this allows you to tap into the ALE appraisal award.

Secure ALE In Your Appraisals

Witness Report Services FAQs

The report acts as a quote for ALE and can help get ALE awarded prior to it being incurred, especially during the appraisal process. Why leave money on the table?

The cost of the report is $750.

Yes, you will receive $250 credited to your account for future reports.

Upon completion, prior to delivery.

 You can provide the money to the homeowner to locate their own housing, or, you can send the award to Black Diamond so that temporary housing can be secured for your client.

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