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Revolutionize Your Cash Flow: Unlock Ultimate Flexibility!

Say farewell to cash flow constraints and embrace growth opportunities with Black Diamond Funding. As your preferred partner in Property Damage Services, we provide upfront funding to empower your business with a dependable cash flow solution. No more waiting for insurance settlements – with payments every Friday, you can focus on your work with unwavering confidence and financial freedom.

Empower Your Business with Insurance Claim Invoice Funding!

Say farewell to cash flow constraints and welcome growth opportunities with Black Diamond Funding. As a trusted partner for companies who provide Shrink wrap, Blue Tarp and Mold Assessment Invoice Purchasing solutions to customers, we provide upfront funding, boosting your business with reliable cash flow solutions.

Receive payments every Friday and put aside worries about delayed insurance payments. Connect with us today to unleash your business potential with Black Diamond Funding

Get CASH FLOW For Your Business

Invoice Purchasing Services FAQs:

Selling your shrink wrap invoices to Black Diamond ensures timely and consistent payments, enhancing your cash flow management. We offer a reliable alternative to waiting for carrier payments, allowing you to focus on your business operations without financial delays.

Black Diamond processes payments on a weekly basis. Once your invoices are approved, you can expect regular payments every Friday.

To review your invoices, Black Diamond requires the completion certificate, policy details, service contract, the invoice itself, before-during-after service photos, and a roof report for each submission.

The cut-off time for invoice submission is typically Tuesday of each week. Invoices submitted by this time are processed for payment on the following Friday.

Black Diamond generally does not purchase invoices that are excessively old, disputed by carriers, or incomplete in terms of the required documentation.

Black Diamond works with a wide range of carriers, but it’s advisable to confirm if your specific carrier is compatible with our services.

Ideally, invoices should be current, typically not older than 30-90 days unless connected to a major weather event. However, the acceptability of older invoices may vary, so it’s best to contact Black Diamond directly for specific cases.

The standard billing amount varies based on the scope and size of the job.

Invoices can be submitted to Black Diamond electronically through our dedicated online portal. Ensure all required documents are included for a smooth and swift processing.

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